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About us

4developments sp. z o.o. is a team providing services related to the management, coordination and supervision of investment projects in the construction industry.
We focus our activity on comprehensive services for entities planning or completing investments in the construction industry. In the course of our cooperation, we provide assistance in the construction process at every stage of investment. Our wide-ranging offer allows our clients to compose a flexible portfolio of necessary services.
Our main aim is the pursuit of perfection, by maximising the investment potential and optimising the financial outlays at the same time. The implementation of modern management standards, and the continuous care of our clients’ interests, supports the efficient and effective management of the entrusted projects.
We cooperate with national and foreign investors and financial institutions.
We are open to consultations at every stage of the investment project.
We encourage you to contact us and learn more about our services.


Benefits from cooperation


Professionalism of the 4developments team and experience related to the application of modern management standards to the investments carried out until recently, guarantee to our clients:

  • comfortable confidence that the construction process will be smooth and that the works will be completed in a timely manner
  • efficient use of budget resources and maximised investment potential
  • optimised financial outlays, by dint of the elimination of unnecessary expenses and negotiation on reductions and discounts on the purchase of materials and labour
  • secured investor's interests, by dint of the acceptance of the legal responsibility related to the management of the investment process
  • minimised investment risk, by dint of the constant monitoring and verification of events that occur during the process
  • direct control of the progress, by dint of the use of modern IT tools (software supporting the management of projects)
  • technical support and consultation on the construction and the formal and legal issues
  • confidence that all works completed during the process will comply with the currently applicable construction standards
  • flexibility in the introduction of changes during the construction process
  • regular system of work progress reporting




In our business, we consider the provision of high quality services as priority, thereby the key value of 4developments is the people who work in our company. Investments made in the development of professional qualifications of our employees bring us closer to perfection. Our company's strength is the knowledge, experience and ability of our team to communicate and cooperate. We are aware that a creative and positive work atmosphere translates to the excellent results of our services.
The 4developments team is composed by both people with an in-depth industry experience and professional qualifications required in the building industry, and young and energetic engineers, who are able to look at the modern project management methods in a fresh way. Such a combination ideally matches the standards of the modern market of construction investments, and contributes to the creation of innovative solutions.


Quality policy


Quality policy is a vital element of the 4developments' strategy. Each of the team members is obliged to know the quality standards and to implement them within the frame of our company's activity.
Our services are provided according to the currently applicable standards and legal regulations. Our policy is fully compatible with the EU requirements and standards. In line with our quality policy, we regularly improve our management system organisation and support our workers' involvement in the quality issues.
Thanks to our quality policy, each project is the most reliable recommendation of our services.

quick contact

Gdyńskich Kosynierów 3/1

80-866 Gdańsk, Poland

tel./fax: +48 58 710 92 30

mail: biuro@4developments.pl