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Investment preparation

A thorough, preliminary legal and technical analysis of the investment areas, as well as research carried out on the local infrastructure and the land management plans, are a basis for the determination of the scale of the potential success of investment connected with a given property. By dint of our experience, we are able to prepare even the most ambitious projects for completion: from selecting the location to obtaining the construction licence. Some of our services are:

  • selection and analysis of investment locations
  • due diligence procedure concerning the property (e.g. analysis of the legal status of the property, technical and planning analysis of the investment areas)
  • analysis of the possibility to obtain the relevant planning permission
  • introduction of changes in the plans, e.g. in the Local Land Management Plan
  • completion of the property purchase transaction
  • assistance in the development of optimal, formal and legal structure of the investment
  • development of the investment strategy
  • analysis of the technical, economic and legal feasibility – feasibility study
  • assessment of profitability of the planned investment and a detailed market analysis
  • acquisition of opinions and agreements with relevant bodies with respect to the investment conditions, including access to the technical media
  • selection of the project team and supervision of the development of the building permit design