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Project supervision

Within the frame of the project supervision service, as the Investor's representatives, we control the project's compliance with the Polish Standards, regulations, and chiefly the construction licence. Our team of inspectors is appropriately licensed, has the professional qualifications to design and build structures, and a long-standing experience. This service includes:

  • preliminary analysis of the projects concerning their compliance with the regulations and the correctness of the applied solutions
  • on-going control of the project and construction work progress
  • verification compliant with the requirements of the Polish construction law with regard to the quality of the works, and the materials and construction products
  • representation of the investor and supervision over the works in accordance with the designs, construction licences and other applicable regulations
  • confirmation of works which have actually been completed, and of faults which have been removed
  • continuous control of financial settlements with the contractors; in particular, a thorough analysis of applications for payments for additional and alternate works
  • active participation in the investment acceptance procedure and bringing it into use