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Construction and Investment Consultancy

Our wide range of construction consultancy includes:


We hold the licence to perform an independent technical function, required by the Polish law. We take responsibility for the investment's compliance with the provisions of the Polish law. While providing our services, we also act as a construction supervision inspector, both at large investment projects and small buildings, such as single-family houses.
We carry out a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of functioning. We identify the chances and the risks related to the planned investments. We help to prepare the property for an investment, e.g. by introducing changes into the local land management plan, and acquiring the planning permission.


We carry out and verify expert opinions and technical decisions concerning buildings. We prepare applications for the permit to deviate from the applicable technical and construction regulations.


We deal with all formalities related to the acceptance of buildings. We carry out control actions, to check whether a building can be accepted, and to obtain the permit for bringing into use. We assist the buyers in the acceptance process related to their premises, by a thorough verification of the correctness and quality of works, as well as by analysing the acceptance documents.


We prepare cost sheets and valuation of construction works, in any form, scope and level of detail. We provide investment cost sheets along with preliminary measurements for the works; these are later used as a basis for the tendering.


As part of our surveying service, we offer the division and boundary delimitation of properties, post-completion building measurements and preparation of base maps for design purposes. For our clients, we carry out measurements of the surface of newly purchased premises and buildings, to be used for verification of the final amount to be paid for such properties. We carry out the procedures of land boundaries restoration.